Tod F. Parker has been a professional artist, musician, and craftsman for over 20 years.

 He has a large workshop behind his home where he builds custom furniture, shelves,
toys, and anything else that he's asked to create. 
He uses top-quality lumber and hardwood in all of his designs; built with intention
that they will be passed on for generations.

All of his designs are completely original and always evolving.
He loves the challenge of unique designs and
is always open to something special and different.

Got an idea??  Run it by him!


   I looked for months to find the perfect Lego case for my sonís miniatures. I looked online and finally found this one on Etsy.
I contacted Tod and asked him many questions about shipping, stain, and size and he was always very prompt answering my questions and very helpful.
I told Tod I wanted the case to match the furniture in my sonís room, and he asked for pictures to get the stain just right.
The case came in a few weeks later and it is just amazing. The size it perfect, stain perfect, and functionality is perfect.
I love this case because you can put the larger Legos on the top and the smaller ones inside on the shelves.
It has two rows of pegs for the Legos so there is room to stagger them or add their accessories. I knew this was a hit when my son said ďI love it.Ē He is able to see all his figures now and play with the ones he wants without searching through buckets of Legos.

I highly recommend Tod and his design. The only thing I was bummed about was that I should have ordered two- yes we have that many Legos!

- Lorraine Koerner   New York, NY

 " We love it!   We just got it hung today and my son is loading his D.C. characters as I type.
  If only the rest of the Lego pieces were so organized as the minifigures will be!

Thanks so much for the fantastic workmanship and for terrific feedback and alerts as you've gone along.

A great experience all around."

                                                                               - Gwen Eudey    Minona, WI


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Tod lives in Indianapolis with his wife, three boys, a hyper husky puppy, and a grumpy cat that's getting too fat.
 He also works as a freelance photographer, a musician, a member of the Pike Township Fire Department, and a media unit volunteer for several other fire departments and public safety organizations. 




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